An admin(istrator) is a player that helps run the server. Admins have the ability to use the Destructo Wand (a powerful tool that can destroy any brick and, since v19, push players and delete bricks at endless range), kick/ban players, and use the fly mode ability. Admins' abilities can also be set by the host.

Admin is obtained in 3 possible ways (all decided upon by the host):

  1. Auto-admin. This means that upon joining the server, the player had a BL_ID preset to receive administrative powers.
  1. Password. The player enters the admin password to gain his/her status.
  1. Manual. The host manually give administrative powers to a player on his/her server that is not permanent. This means that upon leaving and rejoining, the player with no longer have admin like he/she would if the player had auto-admin.