Default image of the Bedroom that used to show during loading.

The Bedroom was one of the default maps of Blockland you could build in.

It is a human Sized Bedroom inside a human sized house with no other rooms, and the players are presumably toys owned by the humans. There is a bed, a shelf, a nightstand with a lamp on it, and a window that unlike the ones in the kitchen, can be broken either by jetting into it, or shooting it with the default tank's gun. It was removed in the v21 update, along with all the other maps.

Like the Kitchen, The bedroom had many secret areas, These include:

- A secret room inside the bed

- A hole on the roof that leads to a slope that then leads to inside the nightstand

- A small area that could be accessed either by a hole in the construction near the bottom of the building, or via using the admin orb.

Like the other interior and terrain maps, the bedroom was removed in version 21.

A static shape of the original bedroom, complete with breakable window has been made for the system_staticmaps add-on. The forum topic can be found here