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Blockland is a multiplayer virtual sandbox building game where you place Lego-style blocks to build anything you want. The game runs on the Torque Game Engine. As of today, the game costs $9.99 USD and can be purchased online on the official website or Steam. It was released as a beta in November of 2004, and was released for retail on February 24, 2007, and was further released on Steam on December 16th, 2013.

History Edit

In November of 2004, Eric "Badspot" Hartman released a beta version, or v0002, of Blockland, the game was featured on the Canadian news network The Globe and Mail and The Screen Savers. It has gained around 200,000 users as of Summer 2016.

At one point, Lego offered to buy Blockland and give Hartman a job, though, after not hearing from Lego, he declined the offer. He then removed all the Lego copyrighted material, and in February of 2007 he released the retail version of the game for $20.00, later on the price was lowered down to $9.99 due to the advent of the game being put on the Steam Store in 2013.