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The Blockland Forums is the official online SMF-based forum for Blockland. Many Blockland users congregate here to lurk and/or talk about the game throughout its many boards or to talk about subjects unrelated to the game via the Off Topic section.

For the average user, the most useful part of the forum is the ability to find help regarding the game via the Help board and to find add-ons posted by other users to download for their Blockland installations.

You require a forum account to post on the forums, which also requires a valid Blockland key.

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A board dedicated to serving information for updates on the game (as the game's development has slowed to a halt, this board is relatively inactive).

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Mapping Help Edit

Self explanatory, became archived when maps were removed.

Maps Edit

Was used as one of the places to upload maps for the game, became archived due to reason above.

RTB Listings Edit

A very popular board which was used automatically by RTB to refer RTB add-ons that were uploaded to the RTB website.

AoT General Edit

Official board for Badspot's other game "Age of Time" which has been dead for a while now and thus has now become an archived board.

AoT Clan Discussion Edit

Age of Time's clan board -- archived, see above reason.

April Fools 2016 Edit

The results of anonymous posting during the April Fools 2016 incident.

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  • The web page titles are named "Blockland Forum", but the official forum logo is named "Blockland Forums" - many users will call the forum by either name as they are both seen as correct.
  • The forums have existed since 2005.