Changing Brick Appearance Edit

Spraycan Edit

  • Press E To use the spraycan
  • Press E again to shift columns.
  • Scroll the Mouse Wheel to shift the paint selection vertically.
  • Click the Left Mouse button to spray things.

FX Cans Edit

  • The paints in the far right column are for special effects.
  • You can mix and match these with different colors to get different effects.

The Wrench Edit

  • The Wrench is in the tools menu (Press Q and scroll the Mouse Wheel)
  • Hit a brick with the wrench by clicking the Left Mouse button.
  • A menu will open up that allows you to attach lights, particle emitters, items and other things to the brick.
  • Some bricks like Music Bricks and Vehicle Pads have special abilities that can be activated with the Wrench.