Playing Online Edit

The easiest way to play with other people online is to join a server.

1. From the main menu click join a game.
2. Wait while the server list is downloaded, this will take a couple of seconds.
3. Select a server from the list and click join server on the bottom right.

Playing OfflineEdit

You can play all by yourself.

1. From the main menu click start a game.
2. Select the mission you want to play.
3. Make sure Single Player is selected.
4. Click launch game.

Non-Dedicated ServerEdit

This is a little more complicated.

1. If you are behind a Cable/DSL router you will need to forward some ports.

You will need to forward one port for every user you want to have connected, starting at 28000. So if you want to host an 8 player server, you will need to forward ports 28000-28007. There is an online tutorial for it here

2. If you are running any security software such as Windows Firewall, ZoneAlarm, or Norton, you will have to set it to allow incoming connections to Blockland.exe on those ports.

3. After you set up your network hardware and security software, select Internet as the Server Type from the Start Mission dialog and click launch game.

Dedicated Server Edit

If you have a spare computer and enough bandwidth, you can host a dedicated server. If you want to host a game that is running all the time or one with a lot of people in it, a dedicated server is the best solution.

To start a dedicated server, double click the dedicated.bat file in the Blockland directory.

The configuration options for the server are contained in the file config/server/prefs.cs.

You can edit this file in Notepad or any other plain-text editor.