The horse is the only "Bot" vehicle in the game. It handles like controlling the player. It is first seen in the tutorial for Blockland.

The horse can jump higher than the player, run faster, but strafes considerably slower.

-The horse can be converted into a normal player with the following events;

OnBotTouch -> ChangeDataBlock -> Standard Player

The bot has a colorable shirt (If "Set Vehicle Color" is activated) and will take the shirt color of the spawning brick. It has all the health of a normal player, but is not technically controllable. (With certain exceptions, including the "add velocity" events) The bot is utilized in some event minigames, namely Brickster's Zombie survival event minigame. The bot is also handy for creating NPC's with the VCE system. It is not required with bot events because Amade's bot events add a bot "vehicle".