Maps are the areas your player and other players spawn and interact. There are two main types of maps: Terrain and Slate. Terrain maps was made up of well... terrain. Examples of these are Bedroom and The Slopes. Slate maps consist of a flat plane in which to build on, which allows for more creativity. Examples of these are Slate and Skylands.

Maps have been removed in v21.

Default MapsEdit

The Default maps was the maps you are first given when you begin blockland. Many of the maps were

The Bedroom is one of the default maps of Blockland you can build in.

made by Eric Hartman, the creator of Blockland. They also have objects in them that you can interact with, such as the window in the Bedroom that you can break if you jet into it, or on the slate maps, when you go far, you will fall into a void or fall into water.

The Default Maps:

  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom - Dark
  • Construct
  • Destruct
  • Halloween Slate
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen - Dark
  • Skylands
  • Slate
  • Slate Desert
  • Slate Sea Revised
  • Slate Storm Revised
  • The Slopes

Map names that are bold are slate maps, but with a different background.

Custom MapsEdit

Through the Mission Editor, players have been able to make custom maps, some of the most famous being Demian's Slate Edits and Plate, and GSF's New York City.