Overview Edit

Blockland has a music system which allows you to use .ogg files for the music bricks in-game.

All music bricks in the game loop their selected music continuously until they're turned off or destroyed.

Default Music Edit

Blockland ships with the following default music, totaling 17:

  • After School Special
  • Ambient Deep
  • Bass 1
  • Bass 2
  • Bass 3
  • Creepy
  • Distort
  • Drums
  • Factory
  • Icy
  • Jungle
  • Paprika - Byakko no
  • Peaceful
  • Piano Bass
  • Rock
  • Stress
  • Vartan - Death

Origins Edit

Most of the default music came from a royalty-free audio CD named "500 Free Sound Files" that Badspot had bought from CompUSA and then subsequently put into the game.

Additionally, most of the default sounds in the game are from the CD too, and some of the sounds are merely from other games but edited (for example, the death sound is the main protagonist of DOOM dying but with a higher pitch).

Technical Details Edit

Music files in the game have to adhere to the below criteria:

  • All music must be in the .ogg format.
  • All music must be placed in Blockland's Add-Ons/Music/ directory.
  • All music must be mono, not stereo. Blockland will delete offending stereo files at server startup.
  • All music must be under 1MB (1,024 KB) in file size, or else Blockland will refuse to load it.