The nodes are the names for body parts and clothes (cape and armor ect.) that you have on your minifig (blockhead).

Types of NodesEdit

Accent- these are the things that go on/around your head though not the way a hat or helmet would. The names of the accents go; Plume (the single feather coming from a hat), Triplume (three feathers), septplume (seven all around feathers) and visor, aka helmet screen.

Chest- Simple enough to remember the box shaped chest is simply called 'chest' and the body that indents is called 'femchest'

Hats- We have the pirate hat which is called a 'bicorn', the police cap called 'copHat', the two medieval/knight helmets 'flareHelmet' and 'pointyhelmet', a rangers cap 'scouthat', a helmet 'helmet' hurrdurr and a beanie/robber hat called a 'knitHat'.

Hip- Simply put the two nodes are called 'pants' and 'skirtHip', i think you get it.

Arms- To indicate which arm you are chosing out of left or right is shown by typing Larm or Rarm. The normal arms is just known as 'arm' and the pointy arms are called 'ArmSlim'

Hands and legs/feet- The same as arms to distinguish which side the leg/hand you have chosen is, is by putting L/Rhand and L/Rleg. LEGS- The wooden leg is called 'Peg' and the ordinary leg is called 'shoe'. HANDS- Ordinary hands are just called 'hand' and 'hook' hands. Pack- These are the customisations for your minifigs main body, we have armor 'armor', the bag on your back is called 'bucket', a cape 'cape', bag 'pack', a quiver of arrows 'quiver' and an oxygen tank 'tank'

SecondPack- These are the shoulder resting decorations. We have 'shoulderPads' which are plain sheets over your shoulders, 'Epaulets' which go straight across and drop down your arms slightly and 'EpauletsRankA/B/C/D' the different ranks have different appearances, think of them as army ranks with different amounts of stripes and stars.

Using the NodesEdit

You may be wondering what is the use of all these? Well it is very simple, using the EditAppearance event that comes with Bot Events you can change how your minifig/bot looks. "But we can change how our player looks in the avatar options?" Correct but not like this, using these events you can have multiple appearances at once, such as peglegs and shoes giving you the appearance of legs.

How to use editappearanceEdit

In your eventing menu, select Onactivate(or whatever you want your initiating command to be)>Player/Bot>Editappearance [This box is where you type in the names of the nodes listed above] [ ] <- chose the color of said equipment.