This is all quite simple. Variable events are an extension to normal events allowing you to do greater things, such as block off rooms to certain players or make a room where only admins are allowed.

First off, I'll start you with how to make a simple Restricted door without using JVS.

Here are some steps on how to preform this task:

  1. Get two bricks. Any will do.
  2. Name one "door" or anything else creative.
  3. Go to your second brick.
  4. Click on the Events button.
  5. Now do these events:
0 - On Activate - Self - ifAdmin 
0 - VariableTrue - door - Disappear - 5

After doing this, click SEND. Then, click the brick you just evented without having any tools selected.

If you did it correctly, the named brick "door" should disappear for about 5 seconds. Also, when it says ifAdmin, it means that if the person who clicked the button isn't a Server Administrator, it will not work for that person. Good job!

Now we move on to more Advanced variable events.

Create a cool looking door out of bricks with a button in it (Do this without being lazy and using JVS doors).

Now, name the part you want to disapear "door" or anything else creative.

Then, go to the button that you want to preform the action. Enter these events (The numbers on the far left are delay times. They go by milliseconds).

0 - onActivate - Self - ifAdmin
0 - onActivate - Client - BottomPrint - "Scanning..." - 1
1000 - onActivate - Client - BottomPrint - "Scan 25%" - 1
2000 - onActivate - Client - BottomPrint - "Scan 50%" - 1
3000 - onActivate - Client - BottomPrint - "Scan 75%" - 1
4000 - VariableTrue - door - disappear - 5
4000 - VaribaleTrue - Self - playSound - Beep_Checkout.wav
4000 - VariableTrue - Client - BottomPrint - "Access granted." - 5
4000 - VariableFalse - Self - playSound - Beep_EKG.wav
4000 - VariableFalse - Client - BottomPrint - Access denied."

If done correctly, your door will only work on admins. In about 4,000 milliseconds (or 4 seconds), it will get a full scan and see if you can pass or not. If you're not an admin, and it finishes its scan, it will deny you access and the door will not open.

Good job! You now understand both a Basic variable event and an Advanced variable event. Now go out there and event your ass off!