The Wrench is one of the most important tool in Blockland. Its uses are primarily for editing bricks' properties and adding events. It is one of the three tools you automatically get when you spawn (unless there's a  minigame you spawn into that has other starting tools and/or weapons), with the others being the Printer and the Hammer.


  • Enabling or disabling the appearance of bricks to the players eye (rendering).
  • Enabling or disabling whether bricks can be passed through by players of vehicles (collision).
  • Enabling or disabling whether bricks can be shot through by weapons and if the third person camera is affected by the brick (raycasting).
  • Adding a light to the brick. Some lights include a strobe light, color-changing light (great for parties), and a dim lamp light.
  • Adding an emitter to the brick. Some emitters include fire, dust, flowing water, bubbles, and hearts.
  • Spawning tools and weapons. This includes not only the default tools and weapons such as the hammer, rocket launcer, akimbo guns, and spear, but also the hundreds of other tools and weapons made by the members of the Blockland community.
  • Spawning vehicles. This can only be done on the special made vehicle spawn brick, however. Some vehicles include the jeep, tank, horse, and user made add-ons such as the mini jet and even a shopping-go-kart!
  • Using the vast and ever expanding event system to do almost anything imaginable! Seriously, try it yourself!